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EXCLUSIVE: Lanell Bellows talks July 21 return ahead of title charge, predicts Groves v Smith outcome

The fight was subjected to fouls over the duration and saw Mayweather Promotions’ Bellows suffer facial damage with ultimately led to the contest being called off two minutes early.

Terbunja walked away from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas with a share of the spoils and Bellows admitted his disappointment in the outcome.

“As far as my performance goes, I don’t really reflect on the fight. If anything, I only reflect on it because of this scar I look at daily lol,” joked Bellows in an exclusive interview with World Boxing News.

“I mean performance wise, I could always do better – even if my hand was raised in victory,” he emphasized.

“It wasn’t though and I received an unexpected draw, so I simply go back to the drawing board and continue to get better as usual. There’s always something that can be enhanced or improved, so I hungrily continue on my quest to be the best boxer ‘KO’ Bellows can be.”

Asked whether he wanted to pursue a rematch with Terbunja in order to set the record straight, Bellows stated rough and ready opponents like the Kosovan-born Swede are best left behind.

“There haven’t been any talks of a rematch nor do I feel the need for a rematch. He’s a dirty fighter and not my caliber of competition so to fight him again wouldn’t help my career any,” he pointed out.

“I’m not scared by any means to fight him again but it doesn’t make sense to take my foot off the gas to fight him again when I already beat him the first time despite the ridiculous scorecards that had us at a draw. Plus I can’t afford another pause in activity in my career due to injury by a dirty fighter.

“Over the next 12 months I plan on being in a position to have a belt that I’m defending, or in a position to fight to take somebody’s belt that belongs to me but they happen to be temporarily in possession of!”

Giving his opinion on the super-middleweight division and the conclusion of the World Boxing Super Series, Bellows continued: “The division is great right now and there are plenty of talented fighters that fill the weight class. There’s plenty of hungry and skilled competitors that are ready to step to the plate for their opportunity and I am definitely one of those competitors.

“To be completely honest, I haven’t followed the World Boxing Super Series as far as watching the fights in their entirety (not picked up by US TV for Season One) I more or less just stay updated with the winners of each fight.

“As far as a winner between Groves and Smith I would say it’s a toss-up, I mean as far as my little knowledge of the two I believe Groves is the more experienced fighter and he can definitely fight so I would pick him to win just because of my lack of knowledge about Smith.”

On a possible appearance in the next installment at 168, Bellows said: “Of Course I would be interested in competing and winning the next Super Series.

“I love this game and I wanna be a part of anything that would take my career to the next level,” he added.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay