WBC, WBA back Celestino Caballero as five-year prison sentence is altered

Gilberto Jesús Mendoza, President of the World Boxing Association (WBA), said he wishes the best to Celestino “Pelenchín” Caballero, former Panamanian boxer, who received a replacement of his sentence of 5 years in prison -which he had been complying since 2016- for community service in the municipality of Colón in Panama.

“I believe that the replacement of the sentence is positive for him (Caballero). ‘Pelenchín’ made a mistake and I believe that the community service will help him in the process of redeeming his mistake. He was an excellent sportsman and I can only wish the best for him, as I always have. That is why, through our KO Drugs program, we are also going to lend a hand, because that is the philosophy of the great WBA Family“, said Mendoza.

Caballero, who is serving a sentence of 5 years in prison since 2016 for drug trafficking, received, on Monday May 20th, a replacement sentence and was released. Now, the Panamanian boxer will have to fulfill community service as of next Tuesday May 22nd.

He must perform his service every Tuesday and Wednesday from 8:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and will have to make a report about the work done, as the Public Ministry of Panama announced through its social media.

The District Attorney, Janell Acuña, agreed with the sentence that the former athlete will fulfill in the municipality of Colón.

WBC Statement

The justice system of Panama has freed former world champion, Celestino Caballero, on the condition of community work after he was condemned to five years in prison for drug trafficking.

Judge Orminda Miranda dictated measures of “community work for Celestino ‘Pelenchín’ Caballero,” reported the Judicial Branch of Panama on its Twitter account.

Celestino Caballero will serve as ” general assistant,” starting next Tuesday in the Caribbean municipality of Colón, 80 kilometers north of Panama City, it was announced.

Caballero, arrested in 2016, was sentenced in February to five years in prison.

Celestino retired from boxing after 43 bouts, with 37 wins (24 knockouts), six losses and a draw.