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Home » Adonis Stevenson v Badou Jack II heading for Las Vegas?

Adonis Stevenson v Badou Jack II heading for Las Vegas?

Stevenson defended his WBC title thanks to a majority draw in Toronto that didn’t really tell the story of what was a highly enthralling encounter.

Champion and challenger did well to stay on their respective feet for the duration of the contest as the war went back and forth on more than one occasion.

Speaking immediately after the bout, the two warriors talked up the potential to do it all again later this year.

“I went to the body and saw that he was fatigued,” said Stevenson, who moves to 9-0-1 in world title fights.

“I had to keep the pressure on him. He’s a slick fighter, a two-time world champion but I felt I won the fight.

“I used both hands. I touched him a lot with the right hand on the body and slowed him down.

“He tried to come and attack me. I feel like I won the fight but I’ll give him a rematch if he wants it.”

Jack, who started the fight sluggishly, thought he did enough in the later rounds to win the fight.

“I thought I definitely won the fight,” said Jack, who drew for the fourth time in his career.

“No judge had him winning. I have no idea why I can’t get a decision. It could be that they’re jealous of Floyd and don’t like him. I’m one of his top fighters.

“I can’t do anything about it. I’m not the judge. I have to respect their decision.”

On where the rematch could be held, Jack was in no doubt that it was his turn to hold home advantage.

“Maybe I started the fight too slow. I gave away those rounds. He didn’t really hit me.

“I can’t do anything about it, let’s do a rematch in Las Vegas. I came to his backyard, it’s time he comes out to Vegas,” he said.