WATCH: Josh Greer v Glenn Dezurn weigh-in TURNS UGLY as PUNCH lands at head-to-head

Stephanie Trapp

The weigh-in threatened to go off on Thursday as Josh Greer and Glenn Dezurn weighed in for their forthcoming appearance on ShoBox.

As the pair went head-to-head after making weight, a push and a punch was thrown before security stepped in to calm things down.

Watch the weigh-in video by Marc Abrams (incident at 8:45 secs)

Here’s what Greer and Dezurn had to say ahead of their meeting.


“This opportunity against Dezurn, I couldn’t turn it down. So when they offered it I said, ‘let’s go.’

“He’s an average fighter. There’s nothing that impresses me. He’s in great physical shape and he’s going to be there for three or four rounds, but after that it will be a problem. As soon as I see him fade I’m going to step up my game and take him out.

“A win here could set me up for great things. I’d love to get in the new World Boxing Super Series.

“When I first started boxing I was facing tough competition. I had to find myself and now I found myself. The better the fighter the better I’m going to look.

“It’s easier for me to focus training outside of Chicago. That’s why we made the trainer switch. I can focus on boxing and sharpening my game. I’m in California sparring so I’ve sparred with some of the best guys. I’ve sparred with Olympians. I’m ready for any and everything.”


“He brings a pillow to the ring and we’re going to give him a blanket. If I’m afraid of a pillow I’m in the wrong business. But that’s what he’s supposed to do to make this exciting.

“I just need to win. He talks a lot so I hope he can back it up. I’m like an old guy. I bring my lunch and go to work. My whole focus is to win.

“I want to be a nightmare for him. At the end of the day, I want him to think twice about bringing that pillow to the ring again.

“My job is to have good hands and be victorious. He’s young and he’s flamboyant and he’s going to make me look good when I beat him. When he talks it just gives me more motivation.”