Hughie Fury has added more strings to his bow, say father Peter

Hughie Fury

Peter Fury has warned the heavyweight division son Hughie Fury is developing the power to complement his undoubted technical skills.

Fury (20-1-KO10) was controversially denied a world title by a majority decision defeat to Joseph Parker in September 2017 and will challenge Sam Sexton for the British crown in Bolton on Saturday.

With his natural talent clear for all to see, father and trainer Peter Fury is encouraged by the increasing weight in the punches thrown by his son, who is still just 23 years of age.

Peter Fury said: “It’s fair to say his power has grown. He’s holding a lot more in his hands these days. It’ll be nice to some improvements when he gets in there on Saturday.

“If these fights become available, we’ll always take them. Safe to say, he’d fight for a world title tomorrow if it was available.

“This is not about business or blagging people to get your face on in the internet. It’s about winning and proving you’re the best. If Hughie can take meaningful fights, that’s all we want.

“God willing we get through this fight and he’s going to have three this year.

“He’ll be in a world level fight by the end of the year and hopefully we’ll force our way back to a mandatory position.”

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