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Home » Frampton warns Donaire: You can’t bluff me!

Frampton warns Donaire: You can’t bluff me!

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Legendary Filipino Donaire (38-4-KO24) has sung, danced and coached his way into the affections of many Belfast locals but there was only one favourite at Friday’s weigh-in as ‘The Jackal’ revelled in home support.

Of the visitor’s popularity, Frampton (24-1-KO14) said: “This is my city. I own it. I’m the king of Belfast. Donaire knows it as well.

“He’s playing a clever game but I’ve done this before. He’s being overly-nice and then tomorrow night he’ll be growling and hope it surprises me – but that’s my game.

“I’m the nice guy who gets the angry head on. You can’t bluff a bluffer. I know tomorrow night, he’ll be in there hoping to take my head off.

“I’ve always had the impression Donaire is a nice guy and I still have that, but if he’s trying to wind me up then it’s simply not working.”