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Home » Mexico Under-24 Tournament begins May 18

Mexico Under-24 Tournament begins May 18

The event, which incorporates fifteen shows, will start on May 18th and concludes on October 3rd.

It will be fought in the bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight and welterweight divisions, and each bout will be six rounds in duration.

The emerging champions in each division will take home a prize of fifty thousand pesos, while each runner up will earn twenty thousand pesos.

Boxing Promoter Ricardo Maldonado of Sports Productions, who’s helping to organize the Tournament said: “This is very important. We have enough fights in Mexico, with a hundred televised fights per year.

“But when a young boxer has the talent, some don’t know what to do with it. So we’re going to look for the talent, and do something with it. This is to open the doors for young people. We are also very grateful for the help of Mexico City Boxing Commission.”

The setting of the Fronton is a famous boxing location. Great champions including Julio Cesar Chavez, Miguel Angel Gonzalez and Ricardo “Finito” Lopez have fought there.