The BIG question: Will GOLOVKIN v CANELO 2 go ahead on May 5?

Canelo Gennadiy Golovkin Canelo vs Golovkin

No sooner had the new broken of Canelo Alvarez’s temporary suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission had the questions begun to be asked, ‘will the fight happen?’

With flights and hotels booked, a massive of tickets sold and multi-millions of pounds to be made, the fallout of Canelo’s hearing on April 10 has everyone guessing about the outcome.

One man who believes fans have nothing to worry about is respected boxing journalist Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times, who predicted the fight is not in danger due to the magnitude of the event.

Speaking to SiriusXM on Friday, Pugmire said: “What I immediately think is the levels of clenbuterol were higher than Nevada was comfortable with.

“Clearly if they felt it was only meat contamination they would have said ‘That’s what we think it is. This fight is proceeding.’ They’re probably a little bit startled or alerted by the levels that they’ve seen and they want a firm, full answer with Canelo testifying as to how this got into his system, when it happened, how it was ingested, where it was ingested to try to get to the bottom of the story.”

“Honestly, I think boxing deserves this in the first place. You’ve got such a high-profile fight. A lot of people who want to dismiss boxing as something that’s decided by how much money is coming in were very quick to say that this was going to be something that was gonna get swept under the rug. Clearly Nevada now is not doing that.”

On whether Golovkin v Canelo will happen, he added: “Yes I think it will [take place]. This is boxing. There will be a way for it to happen but I think Nevada does owe a complete explanation to everyone involved, including the public, as to what is going on here.”

“Now we know there’s going to be a public meeting in which Canelo Alvarez and his team will be held to answer all these questions that are out there about this situation.”

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