Anthony Joshua sends out first tweet since ‘superior race’ row erupted, suffers fan backlash

Phil Jay 18/11/2017

Anthony Joshua sent out his first social media post on Saturday, two days on from when fellow pro, Eddie Chambers accused the world champion of sending him abusive messages.

‘AJ’ dismissed Chambers, whom he hadn’t spoken to in some years, as ‘a bum’ and ‘a bitch’ in DM’s to the American, although it was the ‘disgrace to the superior black race’ line that was the most shocking.

Joshua is now the subject of an out-of-mainstream storm due to what many fans believe was a racist tweet. The majority of the UK newspapers are either calling the message fake or failing to report at all, despite the fact Chambers has video proof showing that DM’s actually coming from Joshua’s Instagram account, which holds over 4 million followers.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has denied that the account is even real due to ‘spaces in the underscore’ but that was proven to have been the same case on any standard smartphone.

Chambers’ clip posted on Twitter clearly shows him scrolling through the messages before clicking on the sender to reveal Joshua’s verified account.

The messages were certainly sent from that Instagram, it’s just a question now of who sent them out.

aj fans 1

aj fans 2

aj fans 3

The lack of addressing by Joshua in his latest post from Dubai instantly received a barrage of questions from the boxing fraternity about when something official will be said about the Chambers situation.

Tyson Fury has already questioned why no high-profile media sources in the UK have taken on the story, even claiming the whole thing has been locked down by Joshua’s PR team.

Whatever happens, the controversy is not going away on the fans side, and once Joshua resumes his regular media duties, the story will certainly rear it’s head again.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay

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