Watch: Mike Tyson becomes youngest heavyweight champion but people notice a peculiar kiss

Mike Tyson berbick snip

Don King

A ‘Classic Fights’ video clip posted on the World Boxing News Facebook page on the 30th anniversary of Mike Tyson becoming the youngest ever world heavyweight champion of all time has now been viewed over 7 million times and reached over 30 million people in just nine months.

One of the standout memories from the 1980’s, a dominant Tyson – just 20 years old at the time, demolished the seasoned Trevor Berbick in two stunning rounds.

The victory is widely regarded as Tyson’s greatest night, although fans watching the extended clip – which also shows the after-fight in-ring celebrations, noticed something odd from one of Mike’s old managers.

Jim Jacobs, who alongside Bill Cayton helped Tyson to fulfill his boyhood dream, decided the best way to congratulate the new record holder was to give him a kiss on the lips.

The move by Jacobs has puzzled fans and gone somewhat un-noticed by many for three decades as it’s not the usual congratulatory method you’d see from boxer to manager.

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