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Brook in great shape, discusses getting back down to 147 and desire for Thurman unification

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Both Brook and Spence took part in workouts on Wednesday at Peace Gardens.

Brook (36-1, 25 KOs) will make the fourth defense of his IBF belt against Spence (21-0, 18 KOs), the mandatory challenger and one of the most highly regarded contenders in the sport today.

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Here’s what Kell Brook had to say prior to the fight:

What was the decision-making process behind staying a welterweight?

“Everybody wanted me to move up because they know that I’m a happier and a better fighter at a slightly heavier weight. But all of my career I’ve been champion and I’ve become a world champion at welterweight. It’s been hard with ups and downs and I just couldn’t give up that title just to move up in weight.

“I just didn’t want to move up in weight without defending my world title. It took me a long time to get. That’s why I would rather put myself through it to make this welterweight limit.

“Nobody is just going to get the belt without fighting me for it.”

What was the process in getting back down to welterweight?

“[My nutritionist] has brought new things to the table to improve with me. Getting the weight back to welter, you know, you never stop learning. I’m not as moody as I thought I was going to be cutting down the weight.

“If you’ve seen me, I’m in great shape, I’m light. I’m down to weight. So, I’m not feeling as bad and I’ve got plenty of energy than thinking back to other times I’ve had to make welterweight.

“Just with the fight, I know that I had to go back down to welterweight. I’m not thinking ‘this meal’s going to taste nice.’ I’m thinking this meal is just fuel for my next weight class. It’s all about the mindset and I’ve got my mind focused and my mind ready.”

How long do you think you’d like to stay at 147 after this fight?

“I’ve not really thought about that too much. After I fight at this weight again, I’d like to unify the division again through Keith Thurman and then move up. That would be the ideal situation for me.”