Watch: Dr. Dre FaceTimes Anthony Joshua to wish him luck

Ahead of The World heavyweight title clash this Saturday, the legendary Dr. Dre called Anthony Joshua via FaceTime this evening to wish him luck!
**Anthony Joshua is an ambassador for Beats by Dr. Dre and uses the full Wireless range**
 Here’s what was said on the call:
Dre: What’s up brother, you good? Wish you good luck man. You know what I gotta tell you, right now you’re one of my favourite fighters man
AJ: You’re one of my favourite musicians, straight outta Compton, the film you did, unbelievable, what you’ve been doing, still grinding. How’s the gym going? You still banging weights?
Dre: Yeah right after this, I was out with some friends last night in the studio and we were looking into some of your highlights man, the most popular saying is “oh shit” 
AJ: That’s what I just said when I saw you on the phone, I was like oh shit. 
Dre: Good luck this Saturday man, you probably won’t need it. Thank you for everything you’re doing with Beats.
AJ: Nah don’t mention it, it’s amazing because, you know how it is, when you come from the ground up, tough guys like you, Alex obviously, bringing it to fruition, making these things possible, and you lot are projecting our story to a different audience, so it’s amazing because, that kid from there is projecting his message to a massive through your channels, it’s amazing.
Dre: Thank you so much man, just trying to be inspirational as much as I can you know 
AJ: You still remember where you come from 
Dre: Oh yeah, absolutely 
AJ: It’s crazy how far you’ve come 
Dre: Good luck to you man this Saturday
AJ: I was listening to Dre – Let Me Ride, I was listening to that yesterday, and some BG knockout, you still bang all those tunes man.