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Tyson Fury calms down, says he’s enjoying his retirement

The Ring Magazine champion had been on a considerable warpath recently but has now confirmed his contentment away from boxing.

“Enjoying my retirement. You know it’s not all about money and fame,” said Fury. “It’s about having a great family and friends. I achieved my dreams, (it’s) your turn.”

A contrast to Thursday when Fury had continued his social media tirade against the rest of the division as boxing nears Anthony Joshua v Wladimir Klitschko fight week.

The 27 year-old became highly vocal on Twitter the closer the biggest heavyweight fight of all time came to the first bell, with Joshua one of the targets of his latest hilarious post.

Fury sent out a picture of what he calls, ‘all the b**ches in boxing’ which included Wladimir Klitschko, Luis Ortiz, Deontay Wilder and even Eddie Hearn and Tony Bellew.

The latter has been a target for Fury’s fury before when the lineal world champion was live on Channel 5 some years ago and the pair haven’t really seen eye-to-eye in the public domain since then.

Bellew, always one for a good joke, saw the funny side though with his response to Fury over the mock-up.

fury twitter2

“Love the fact you made me the smallest and the hottest. You should be careful calling me though son as I’ve shown and proved, I fear NO ONE!” said the former WBC cruiserweight title holder.

At a press conference on Wednesday for Martin Murray’s clash with Gabriel Rosado on Saturday night at the Echo Arena, ‘The Bomber’ revealed he’s still considering his future in the sport following a career-best win over David Haye.

Only a title chance or potentially a rematch with Haye would entice Bellew to carry on, and despite Fury’s obvious contempt, a fight between the two Brits seems unlikely to happen in 2017.

In a later tweet, Fury stated he had nothing bad to say about the Liverpudlian.