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Floyd Mayweather Jr. at 40 – Still the pound for pound best

The ex-pound for pound king, who is sorely missed by the sport, retired in 2015 on the same magical mark as Rocky Marciano and vowed never to fight a 50th bout prior to whispers of a McGregor fight taking hold.

If he is to fight McGregor in a bid to reach his half century, 49-0 Mayweather – as ever, wants it done the right way. The Irishman will need to be fully licensed in Las Vegas to participate in a contest that will add that extra topping to Mayweather’s already amazing C.V.

During his ring career, spanning some 19 years, Mayweather took on and defeated every major fighter out there, and the process hardly came out of his career with a scratch on him.


Many are too quick to judge Floyd on outside the ring problems and the persona he adopts, as what’s most important to those involved in the sport is that Mayweather is judged on what went on between the ropes – which can only be said was masterful.

Mayweather was a joy to watch as times as he bamboozled all comers, needing only a few minutes to figure out their style before working out a plan to nullify their strengths to gain enough points to take a decision victory.

Granted Mayweather wasn’t as exciting later in his career once he switched from the ‘Pretty Boy’ to the ‘Money’ man, but purists have to admire the skill possessed by the American in what is the hardest and loneliest of all sports.

Since hanging up his own gloves, Mayweather has embarked on helping others achieve their dreams as the likes of Ishe Smith, Badou Jack and Mickey Bey all became world champions when ordinarily they may have not had the opportunity to do so.

As Floyd stands on the verge of a return himself, personally, I’d like to see him back in the ring if only to just enjoy his majestic movements one more time, despite questions marks over the man who will be staring at him in the opposite corner.


Probably the biggest compliment you could pay would be to rightly say he’s never lost his crown in the ring and if he fought another five years he could still stay undefeated.

Also, any announcement of a Mayweather comeback would instantly mean a return to the top of the P4P ratings as nobody currently riding high at the top of the boxing tree has yet earned the right to sit in Floyd’s chair.