Watch: Mayweather Sr. views McGregor sparring, offers to step in and ‘whoop him’ at 63

Helen Yee

Floyd Mayweather Sr. has ridiculed efforts by UFC champion Conor McGregor to switch codes to boxing after watching a recent sparring video.

McGregor has been honing his skills in a bid to snag himself a big money fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. as both sides show interest in a possible deal.

Speaking to reporter Helen Yee, Mayweather Sr. stated he’s convinced McGregor is nothing but a novice boxer and he would be able to take him down himself as a former world title challenger, and even though he’s in his 60’s.

“His boxing skills are nothing. I’d beat his ass myself. I’m not impressed at all,” Mayweather told Yee.

“And if my son decides he don’t want to do it, I’ll take it over, I’ll do it. And beat his ass. I guarantee you, I would beat his ass.

“If this the way he fights now, I would beat his ass. He can’t whoop me with that right there and I’m a 63 year old man.

“Conor McGregor is a bum!”

‘The Notorious’ is taking a break from MMA whilst preparing to become a father, although has taken the time to focus solely on boxing training.

Working alongside the likes of amateur star Michael Conlan, McGregor aims to be prepared for anything Mayweather throws at him, if however, any negotiations can be successful in the coming months.

Watch the video below by Helen Yee Sports: