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McGregor odds clearly don’t justify a Mayweather PPV

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The outspoken Irishman has long been looking to challenge boxing’s best fighter of a generation in a bid to take Mayweather’s undefeated record, although there are few boxing insiders that give McGregor a chance in the fight.

Footage of McGregor struggling to contain South African Chris Van Heerden in a sparring session has been the most influential evidence gathered against ‘The Notorious’ who was a promising boxer in his youth back in Ireland.

Bookmakers in the UK have placed McGregor at a massive 11/1, odds which are certainly not justification for fans to have to fork out up to $99.95 to purchase such a one-sided offering. Mayweather is a best-priced 1/7 on to win a McGregor fight in 2017, meaning any punter would have to bet $700 just to win back $100 for his trouble.

A Floyd fight does seem to be a long way from happening as things stand right now, although that could change should McGregor work out a deal with Dana White to compete in the boxing ring this year.

The 27 year-old has already informed White he wants up to ten months off due to the fact a little McGregor is on the way but whether permission would further be granted to then appear in the squared circle is up for considerable debate.

McGregor would be jeopardising his position in the UFC ratings, whilst any ‘Money’ fight could then be pushed back to at least 2018, and by that time, Mayweather would be pushing 41.