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BBBofC set for Nick Blackwell review, warn those involved

Trowbridge’s Blackwell was forced to retire from boxing following life-threatening surgery for a bleed to his brain but found it difficult to come to terms with due to his strong love of the sport.

Taking to the gym last month, Blackwell took part in dangerous ring activity and was subsequently treated by doctors before being announced as being in a ‘stable’ condition.

No further updates have since been given on the former British middleweight champion as the Board prepare to act against those involved.

“We are calling people we know were involved and we are calling people we believe were involved,” General Secretary Robert Smith told BBC Radio Wales.

“We are looking at arranging a hearing that will happen early in January. It is a matter we are taking extremely seriously.

“We want to hear from Nick as well, health permitting.”

On whether licences could be revoked from anyone taking part in the controversial spar, Smith added: “We will wait and see what happens at the hearing, I don’t want to speculate on possible punishment.”