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Home » Fury berates heavyweight boxing, Haye and wants Bellew to score KO

Fury berates heavyweight boxing, Haye and wants Bellew to score KO

Haye punched Bellew with a left hand during a fiery kick-off announcement that saw both men give each other a roasting ahead of their March 4 clash,

As the boxing world digested what was to come in the spring, the outspoken Fury had his own view on proceedings and wasn’t very impressed, to say the least.

“I see David G – ay (Haye) talking sh*** again! He talks about boxing history but has no clue what he is talking about. (He’s a ) proper sh**house, (Tony) Bellew to KO him,” said Fury, before the undefeated but semi-retired boxer added: “To be quite frank, heavyweight boxing is sh** at the moment, So-called killers fighting bums who we don’t know, and old men fighting for titles. Jokers!”

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Two proposed fights against Haye fell apart for one reason or another and through no fault of Fury’s in the past, which has left a deep scar on ‘2 Fast’ ever since.

Fury recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of his famous win over Wladimir Klitschko which has since heralded the dawn of Tyson the spender, whilst putting to bed Tyson the fighter.

Speculation still mounts as to whether Fury will ever fight again despite still only being 28 years old as the rest of the sport moves on without the charismatic Briton.