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Home » Can I retire unbeaten? – ‘Absolutely,’ says Gennady Golovkin

Can I retire unbeaten? – ‘Absolutely,’ says Gennady Golovkin

‘GGG’ makes his UK debut at the O2 Arena in the fall, and despite undefeated Brook having to move up two weight classes, the Kazakh puncher is sure the Yorkshireman will be his hardest fight to date.

“I thank my team and my coach. He brings my power and my style,” Golovkin told Sky Sports News HQ.

“Kell Brook is a champion and for me, he is the biggest name. He’s a very serious fighter.

“It’s a bit of a problem for me because he’s a different speed and different size. Brook is the biggest test for us. I understand this is very serious for us. It’s a serious situation for us. It’s a huge fight for us and for the UK.

“I hope I beat him but I can’t talk before the fight as he’s a very strong fighter. This is like a unification fight. Let’s see who is the number one pound for pound,” he added.

Asked if he believes he can end his career undefeated, Golovkin replied: “Yes, I believe. Absolutely. I understand this is my job, my life and my boxing career – so why not?”

At 34, Golovkin has finally secured a massive fight to improve his standing in the sport even further following the collapse of what would have been an even stiffer test against Canelo Alavrez.

Brook cannot be taken for granted though, something Golovkin is well aware of, as the British fans eagerly-anticipate the opening bell which will eventually see one of the current champions drop their perfect record.