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Home » Exclusive: Chris Eubank Jr. used GGG’s name, needs to prove himself – Martin Murray

Exclusive: Chris Eubank Jr. used GGG’s name, needs to prove himself – Martin Murray

It’s almost a week since Kell Brook swooped in a stole Eubank’s thunder as his father Chris Senior made demands for a Golovkin fight impossible for promoter Eddie Hearn to live with.

Now that the furore has died down and Golovkin v Brook is full steam ahead, Murray has offered Eubank Jr. a massive event of his own and would be willing to go back down to 160 pounds to make the fight.

“I’m still undecided at what weight I’m going to fight at but I asked what fight people want to see me in most and 75 percent of those said Chris Eubank Jr,” Murray exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He came back with a response and I said, ‘ask your dad if you can take the fight’ – so I’d happily go back down to middleweight if that fight can happen.

“The reason I moved up was because it was getting hard making 160 so it depends where we go fight-wise. I’d go through all that if he wants it but I know for a fact that he won’t take it.

“It can easily be done and won’t be a problem, plus a lot of people want to see that fight.”

Murray lost out to George Groves in his latest test since moving up in weight in 2015 and was immediately linked to a return to his old division.

The problem for Murray is actually boiling down those last few pounds, but if the fans want it and Eubank agrees, the St. Helens man is happy to sign a contract for the British champion that doesn’t include any outlandish demands.

“If he’s going on like he’s the best middleweight out there, it would be a great fight for him to judge himself on but he knows he’ll get beat.

“I’ve done it all my career. I’ll go anywhere and fight anyone but one million percent he won’t take it.

“He’ll just use it as a publicity stunt like he did with Golovkin. As said it all along, there’s no way he’d fight Golovkin. They made a good deal and his dad started making ridiculous orders to make it non-negotiable,” he said.