Watch: Johnny Garton scores sensational one-punch KO vs Ryan Fields

Johnny Garton sensationally knocked out Ryan Fields in the fourth round to win the English Welterweight crown and provide Goodwin Boxing with its first English Champion.

Goodwin boxing have 5 current Southern Area Champions in their camp and now have their first English Champion as their stable goes from strength to strength.

Fields was met by a chorus of boos for the fights, making it clear who the home fighter was. He was accompanied by the familiar face of Dave Coldwell, Garton had his own familiar face to come with him as British welterweight title holder Bradley Skeete was in his corner.

The first round started tentatively, each fighter taking their time to get to work. By the end of the first Fields lands his jab at will on Garton and connects with a nice right to the body.

A solid left hook from Field started the second round as Garton seemingly was slow out the blocks. The two met in a thunderous collision mid ring, each finding their own success and the Garton crowd making their voices heard. The pace is insane by the end of the round, both lads are happy to plant their feet and trade leather. Fields perhaps getting the better of the end of the exchanges as he seems to make Garton stumble as he walks onto a jab and is able to land a couple of clean rights to the head of Garton.

A nice roll under and left hook from Garton in the third, a good double jab by Fields and a nice jab cross from Garton all take place at the start of the third round. The pace doesn’t drop, it’s breathless stuff from bot men and Garton lands a good overhand right that sets his crowd off again. Fields ends the round the stronger, but Fields returns to his corner with a cut to the left eye that the referee indicates was from a Garton punch.

Jabs land from both men early in the fourth as the pace slows a touch. It doesn’t take it long to fire up though as a jab cross combo from Garton rocks the head of Fields. Fields though has his own success, bother fighters happy to take a shot to return their own. Then from nowhere, an insanely large left hook from Garton drops Fields. He’s out, instantly. The referee starts a count but it’s pointless as the Fields corner make their way into the ring. He receives medical attention and the crowd are respectful as he is returned to his corner. Only once Garton sees his opponent is safe does he let the victory sink in and embrace his huge support.

The punch was easily a contender for KO of the year, Fields never saw it coming and Garton will likely never land a more accurate and well-timed punch in his career.