Browne v Chagaev: Hatton forced to comment on social media lies

Ruslan Chagaev’s WBA heavyweight title defence remains on schedule for March 5 despite an irresponsible social media post from an ill-informed Twitter account.

Opponent Lucas Browne, a regular Twitter user, was duped into thinking Chagaev had pulled out due to guesswork from a ‘boxing page’ looking to make a name for themselves by posting false information.

WBN, along with Hatton Promotions, have chosen not to name those responsible as to not give any further notoriety, although can confirm that the much-anticipated clash will go ahead as planned as was originally confirmed by Browne following an unnecessary wild goose chase.

In addition, Ricky Hatton’s company have now added the following: “Hatton Promotions would like to dispel any rumours surrounding Lucas Browne’s scheduled WBA heavyweight title fight with Ruslan Chagaev.

On Sunday February 7, Browne’s management team were alerted to a number of social media posts claiming that Chagaev had pulled out of the contest.

Hatton Promotions’ representatives contacted Chagaev’s management and were informed that the social media claims are untrue.

Browne remains in training camp for the fight in Grozny on March 5.

Although the posts were minute in capacity, the Chagaev v Browne fiasco once again highlights the dangers of how some boxing fans take any news or tweets on social media as gospel and without question.