Amir Khan slams Brook opponents, posts insulting image of Kell fighting bums…literally!

Kell Brook Amir Khan

Esther Lin

A Twitter war erupted on Friday as Amir Khan outlined his disdain for potential opponent Kell Brook after talks between the pair failed to produce an outcome.

The 29 year-old, obviously frustrated at being left in the lurch for a third time by a top pound for pound star, accused Brook of living off his name in order to make home defences against no-name fighters.

Brook, 29, is scheduled to put his IBF welterweight belt on the line against mandatory Kevin Bizier on March 26, a challenger who has lost twice to Jo Jo Dan, whom ‘The Special One’ battered in five rounds last year.

Completely unimpressed, Khan let his feelings be known as well as pointing out that in his eyes the Brook fight could have happened in the spring if the Sheffield man had been able to bypass his obligations with the IBF.

“Seriously, imagine if I’d have fought Jo Jo Gallagher (Dan), (Frankie) Gavin and Bizier? I’d rather retire (as) I want the big fights and will continue to do so,” said Khan.

“Brook v Alexander was called off three times and he turned down Bradley. (Also) Rios fight didn’t happen and he retired poor (Juan Manuel Marquez) by mentioning his name too much.

“Fact is, they are fooling the fans fighting all these bums on the back of my name to hype his fights and profile, plus saying I’m running scared.

“We could have fought in April, May or first week of June before Ramadan, but I’ve got a potential fight with Garcia if he wins (Saturday) for the WBC title.

“(But) I’ve never known of a world champion to have three bum defences back to back, make that four if you include Diego Chaves. At least fight someone in the top ten!”

Khan is set to return to action in March, but by that time will have wasted almost a year waiting for Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao to choose him ahead of Andre Berto and Timothy Bradley.

Judging by the Bolton man’s recent comments though, an encounter with Brook is further away than ever.