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WBC react to Erkan Teper suspension, reaffirm policy

Teper failed two drugs tests in a 13-month period and the WBC have stated the following:

The WBC has adopted a policy not to comment publicly on anti-doping allegations until the WBC can fully investigate them and make a correct determination on each matter. That policy seeks to prevent harm to a boxer that may be accused without a determination of culpability, or a finding that the boxer actually committed a violation. The policy also respects the WBC Constitution, which seeks coordination with the WBC by member federations and commissions worldwide.

Unfortunately, without any disclosure on the part of the WBC, almost two weeks ago allegations were publicly made claiming doping violations by two boxers who fought in WBC title bouts held this past November 4 in Kazan, Russia.

The WBC is investigating the matter fully. As the investigative process is ongoing, the WBC notes that it has made no determination of any anti-doping violation by anyone. Pending the results of the WBC’s investigation, and any further decisions, all parties involved remain in good standing with the WBC.