Tyson Fury comes out fighting: Freedom of speech is the biggest load of s**** ever!

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has hinted that a witch-hunt could be the reason behind the current negative focus on him from the media around the world.

Fury’s comment on gays, abortion and paedophilia have caused outrage in some quarters, which the 27 year-old has stated may also be one of the reasons why the IBF have decided to strip him of his title.

The International Boxing Federation moved swiftly to act on Fury’s mandatory obligations to remove his red strap less than two weeks on from the traveller’s famous victory over Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf, which had led the boxer to respond.

“Freedom of speech is the biggest load of shite ever,” said Fury. “If the WBA, WBO and IBO want to strip me (too) go ahead.

“(It) must hurt that a Gypsy is the best fighter on the planet.

“They can try and bring me down with the hatred and their evil ways, but I still love my brothers and sisters no matter what. Jesus loves you all,” he added.

Now down to three belts instead of four, Fury seems convinced that his background and religious beliefs are a big part of why the press are hanging on his every word and even camping outside his residence in anticipation of more stories.

Ever since Fury’s triumph on November 28, the negativity surrounding the fighter has intensified and quickly took the shine off what should have been WBN Fighter of the Year nominee’s greatest achievement.

A rematch with Klitschko, possibly in England, is currently lined up for April or May of 2016, although just how many of the remaining trio of belts will be in Fury’s possession is anyone’s guess at the present time.