Mosley: Floyd will fight again, now I’m injury free I’d beat him!

Mayweather equalled Rocky Marciano’s 49-0 record when defeating Andre Berto in Las Vegas on September 12, although faced criticism for bowing out of the sport with something of a whimper.

Mosley, who fought Mayweather in May 2010 and rocked him with one of the best punches ever landed on the ‘Money’ man, says his constant battles with injury prevented him from becoming the first fighter to defeat the self-styled ‘Best Ever’ on the night they met.

With ‘Sugar’ Shane adamant that a 50th bout is on the horizon for the biggest earner in sports, the Californian has no doubts that he could come out on top in a rematch – should Mayweather agree to fight him in a comeback contest.

“I believe so, I believe Floyd will fight again,” Mosley exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We’ve had Jose Lopez at 51-0 and Chavez was over 87-0 or towards 90-0 when he suffered his first loss, so Floyd is some way off that.

“When I fought him I was injured and I think if I fought him again I’d beat him. Even right now, as I’m actually getting better and better, so I want to show people that I can beat anybody out there – especially at welterweight.

“Now that I’m injury free and I can move, do stuff I couldn’t do before maybe because of injuries. I feel a lot better now. I’ve been working during my time off and I feel a lot better. I’m looking phenomenal and I feel great.

“I definitely believe I could have done a better job than Andre Berto did against Floyd. Andre Berto fought a good fight though and he fought better than I’ve seen him fight. He has a lot of strength and power, but I hit a lot harder than he does – especially at welterweight.”

Asked during the interview whether Mayweather should be remembered among the all-time greats, Mosley answered: “I don’t know. There are a lot of great fighters out there. Floyd is very sharp, cagey and moves really well. He also talks a good game, but I don’t know if you could put him up there with the fighters of the 80’s like Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns…those guys – Roberto Duran and he couldn’t live with Chavez, plus Oscar De La Hoya gave him problems and myself. It is hard, but he’s a good fighter, you know.

“It’s kind of hard to rate him amongst the greatest and the very best. You never know what will happen if you put fighters from different time and different styles together. There’s always somebody that can beat somebody else or somebody’s style can fight off somebody else’s style. I don’t know where to rank him, but he’s good.

“Floyd is probably still at the top (right now if he came back), but there are a lot of fighters out there that are pretty good,” he added.