WBC Convention: Opening highlights from Kunming


The World Boxing Council’s 53rd Convention opened With memorable music, moving speeches and firm Commitments to Further Improve the safety of the sport for STI Participants hands on.

An array of glittering stars made the journey to the magnificent Intercontinental Hotel in Kunming. They include: Evander Holyfield, Larry Holmes, Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Carlos Zarate, Rafael Herrera, Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, Viktor Postol, Vinny Paz, Shinsuke Yamanaka, Leo Santa Cruz, Ziong Zhao Zong, Badou Jack, Gennady Golovkin and Leo Holy Cross.

The Hotel’s General Manager Neil Houghton Said It’s an honor to host event esta With so many champions and Delegates from all around the World, wishing a successful Convention and a memorable stay.

In His speech Gennady Golovkin Said It’s an honor for him to be at the Convention, Especially With His hero Julio Cesar Chavez. I stressed: “I see great, kind and wonderful people at a great Convention.”


Then there was a spectacular triple golden dragons dance by young and energetic dancers, followed by the Cultural undoubted highlight of the event. Children from the Shuang Qiao Primary School from the District Andu, sang the WBC’s theme song: We are the World.

Their performance was full of joy, enthusiasm bubbling over, precision timing and pitch perfect. The Entire Convention to give them a rose Prolonged standing ovation and well deserved, bolstered by a chorus of bravos.

Adorned in cherry red costumes, the children Also sang the National Anthem of the Peoples’ Republic of China, and a natty closing ditty.

There Were Also moving tributes to two late and great men. Newsman legendary Mexican boxing Judge James Zabludowsky and Franz Marti, from Switzerland. Franz’s family are to Receive Guinness Book of Records award. At eighty five years and 118 days, I Judged to WBC championship fight. A lifetime of dedication, skill, enthusiasm and devotion to boxing.

Floyd Mayweather wins a WBC Lifetime Award and Emetitus Championship status, following His retirement. A career of 19 years, 17 of Which as champion. An incredible 27 WBC title fights, and never defeated in 49 fights.

In His Official report, President Mauricio Sulaiman sage quoted the Chinese proverb: “Do the difficult things while They are easy, and do the great things while They are small A journey of a thousand miles, must start with a single step..

Also I Said We are all here because we care for boxing and are Constantly trying to make it safer. I Praised the exceptional Mayweather Vs Pacquiao bout as the greatest sporting event. And the Tremendous achievement of bringing boxing back to US mainstream TV after an absence of thirty years. Also the Rekindling of the heavyweight division, Which has captured the attention of the World.

Mauricio bitterly regrets and mourns the Deaths of four fighters This Year, Urging a redoubling of Efforts to make boxing safer ever, stressing: “. We need to work together to Implement Changes It’s the only way to succeed.”

The Sulaiman Family Those sincerely thank from all around the world who’ve sent messages remembering Don Jose, naming tournaments, special events and trophies after him. Mauricio said: “. If I’m only ten percent of what was my Father, I’ll be a success Let’s do something for eternity From this Convention.”