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Home » Pacquiao spending millions helping poor, ‘can’t just shoo people away’

Pacquiao spending millions helping poor, ‘can’t just shoo people away’

The 36 year-old recently pocketed around $150m in losing for the sixth time in his career against Floyd Mayweather Jr on May 2, and after Top Rank take their cut, will earn considerably less than his long-time rival did for their 36-minute contest.

That said, Congressman Pacquiao considers himself duty-bound to do as much as he can for his fellow people and will continue to use his earning power in boxing to filter what he can back to the desperate constituents of his homeland.

“Our family has no other intention but to help our countrymen. We consider it an obligation,” said Pacquiao.

“My wife said it’s difficult because we are losing time for our children. We’ve also been spending millions out of our own pockets to help the poor. But we can’t just shoo away people lined up at our door.”

Asked whether his time in boxing may be up following his defeat to the pound for pound king and subsequent shoulder injury, Pacquiao added: “I am considering that. I am thinking about it.”

Pacquiao has come under some criticism for the way he has conducted himself in the aftermath of Mayweather’s points win, but will have to wait up to a year if the seven-weight world champion wants the chance to rectify that reaction in the ring.