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Katsidis: If I fought Coyle again it would be a lopsided win for me

Katsidis, 34, was by his own admissions beaten by a crushing temple shot on the night in Hull, but says talk of his career being over is disappointing as he wasn’t systematically beaten up by Coyle on his way to a seventh career reverse.

“Due to what some commentators said after the Tommy Coyle fight, people have been too quick to judge as you can’t train for a temple shot,” Katsidis exclusively told World Boxing News.

“At the end of the day, you hear about fighters getting knocked down and getting back up again, but in that instance there was no going down and getting up from that. Look, I’m not going to sit here and make a song and dance about it I am just going to get back on the horse and keep winning fights so in due time Tommy Coyle has to fight me again – there is no doubt about that.

“I’ve got a fight here in Australia on the 20th of March and after that we will build it up again. I know I can’t just come off a loss in the way that it looked as the referee just waved it off, but on the flipside of the coin it could have went the other way.

“I think splitting with my trainer had something to do with it but it may have been a bit of both. In my mind, if you speak to Maurice Core (new trainer) and a lot of other people, he will tell you that without a doubt I was going to wipe the floor with Tommy Coyle just by the way I was sparring, the guys I was sparring against and how well I was doing.”

Katsidis lost his equilibrium from the telling punch and could never fully regain his balance enough to convince referee Marcus McDonnell to let him go on, although the exciting warrior can see some sort of funny side to what was a painful defeat to take.

“I was doing real good in training, but I do think the disturbance with just two weeks to go played a part, but also that a shot to the temple played all of it. Because a punch to the side of the head can do that right?” Katsidis laughed.

“I would have liked to have been able to train for that, but I was even trying to do meditation to get my temple right after the punch but there was nothing I could do about it. It was just one of those things that happened and you know if you Wikipedia a shot to the temple, there will be a picture of Michael Katsidis going down there,” he chuckled.

Getting serious again, Katsidis added: “That’s not what I want to be remembered for though. I want to be remembered as a bloke who left it all out on the line but that is difficult to do when the referee doesn’t give you the opportunity to do that.

“I don’t really think I have shown signs of a fighter scorned or signs of a fighter that has been beaten too badly. I can still string my words together and I think I am a very clear-thinking boxer. I have been evaluated but I think it was just one of those things. You just need to get back on the horse and get going again.

“A Real fighter doesn’t take that and retire. A real fighter gets up and gets back into it. Coyle had a very impressive win against me when thing worked in his favour, but I believe it would very much be lopsided if I was to fight him again.”