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Home » Michael Katsidis confirms no charges pending, plans to resume career on March 20

Michael Katsidis confirms no charges pending, plans to resume career on March 20

The 34 year-old was stopped for the third time in his career in just the second round of his meeting with Coyle in Hull last October, but says circumstances leading up the fight contributed to his downfall on the night.

Being the stand-up fighter he is, Katsidis admits that he was caught with a great shot by Coyle that ended his hopes of victory, but says that if he was completely on his game the Briton would not have stood a chance against him.

Katsidis was charged by police in September in connection with a burglary that happened during the summer, leading to trainer Brendon Smith sadly pulling the plug on their second tenure together just weeks before the Coyle fight.

Taking into account the fact that Smith and Katsidis had only just rekindled their relationship after previously enjoying success together in fights against Kevin Mitchell, Vicente Escobedo, and shining in losses to Juan Manuel Marquez and Robert Guerrero, it was a hard pill for Katsidis to swallow so close to his UK return.

“Obviously I split with my long-time trainer Brendon Smith because as you heard there was charged pending on me before the Tommy Coyle fight, but those pending charges have since been dropped,” said Katsidis in a phone call to World Boxing News on Tuesday.

“But low and behold my trainer dropped me and sent me to the wolves over in England, you know. That’s what happens. I was caught with a great shot to the temple and the referee waved it off.

“Brendon is now doing what’s best for him and I am doing what’s best for me. It’s really hard circumstance when a trainer and a fighter have done so well together then they come to this crossroads and this is the second time this has happened between me and Brendon.

“I think Brendon was the best thing in the world for me at stages and I can understand his reasons for doing what he did.”

Following the crushing defeat and lack of prominence from Katsidis, more rumours of derogatory out of the ring activities surfaced, but the former interim world lightweight champion was keen to set the record straight and also address any retirement questions.

“I can understand people thinking that a might retire, but I am in training for my next fight,” he said. “I can also understand that these charges that were pending may seem like a common road for some fighters to people. They earn the millions, get the fame and the riches, but then they haven’t got a shirt on their back.

“I am just seeing how it looks and that is not me at all. I am doing alright and you can’t believe everything you read.

“Those newspapers will be used for two things tomorrow. The blokes on the job site will be wiping their arses with it and others will be wrapping fish in them. But it’s just garbage and there are no charges pending on me.

“Right now I am back on March 20th in Melbourne, the boxing capital of Australia. I have an excellent team behind me and once I get back in the winner’s circle maybe we can hook up with Eddie Hearn and make a bit of an Ashes here in Australia.

“There are definitely some exciting fights to be made and it’s not over for Michael Katsidis yet,” he added.

Katsidis concluded by plugging his new ventures which he hopes will make a difference to the sport going forward as he explained: “Part of the closing years of my career have involved a transitional period from fighter to eventual businessman and I am currently involved in Powtein Ice Cream which is a protein ice cream and tastes as good as the real thing. Not too far in the future, Powtein will be supplying the U.K and is also my active sponsor.

“Also, once I do have the time spare and my career is over I will release my own boxing apparel yet to be announced and this is my way of giving back to the sport that has been so kind to me.”