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Home » WBC on 154lb title rumours: Floyd Mayweather stays champion

WBC on 154lb title rumours: Floyd Mayweather stays champion

WBC Executive Secretary Mauricio Sulaiman, speaking exclusively to WBN, has dismissed any suggestion that current champion Floyd Mayweather would be stripped of the title and confirmed that Angulo is not in any position to challenge for the green belt.

“The Board of Governors with the WBC would have to receive a petition requesting the title be on the line to make voting on Canelo v Angulo, however, it would be unlikely to accept a sanction for such a fight due to the fact that Angulo is not rated in the WBC rankings as his last fight was a loss by TKO,” Sulaiman clarified to World Boxing News.

“Also, the WBC has not received any confirmation from Floyd Mayweather with regards to his championships and since there is no mandatory contender on either division, the WBC is accepting to be flexible.


“Floyd was awarded a special proclamation recognizing the career of one of the greatest fighters and has been one of the most loyal champions in the history of the WBC, along with being the only one to ever conquer five championships in as many divisions.”

Rumors surrounding Alvarez v Angulo has prompted former world champion turned promoter Ricky Hatton to make a statement as his fighter Sergey Rabchenko currently holds the number one ranking with the WBC.

On the other hand, Mayweather, 36, is thought to be only concerning himself with a run at welterweight in the short-term, although it could still be a few months before a formal decision is made regarding any relinquishing of the title.

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