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Home » Beltran on Burns decision: Draws are bulls***, they protected their investment

Beltran on Burns decision: Draws are bulls***, they protected their investment

The 32 year-old looked to have done enough to realise his dream of lifting a version of the world title following an impressive display against a lacklustre Burns, but ultimately lost out when the judges carded a draw.

The US-based Mexican had Burns on the floor and in trouble on more than one occasion in the fight, without taking much punishment himself, and was not happy when interviewed on the 115-112, 113-115, 114-114 decision after the fight.

“I think I did everything to win the fight,” Beltran told Sky Sports. “It’s politics, always the same thing in boxing. It’s business and if they have the opportunity to protect their investment they do it. It is what it is.

“I think it is disrespectful for the fighter, for the fans and they just play with the business because they have the power.

“My frustration is if I got beat, I got beat, but I have been getting robbed everytime right and left and it is just so frustrating because there is so much hard work and sacrifice. We put our life on the line, you know we fight for our family and they don’t care they just protect the investment.

“It’s not even Ricky’s fault. He is just fighting a fighter and doing what he has to do. It’s not his fault it’s just business.

“He was holding though and the referee wasn’t even giving him no warning or anything. Everything was against me and it always is. To me I am a world champion. The people know I am the true world champion.

“Draws are bullshit. I mean he still keeps his belt but that’s bullshit. That belt is mine. I am the world champion now.”

Burns, 30, may now be ordered by the WBO to defend his title against a mandatory challenger, meaning Beltran will most likely have to look elsewhere for his next opportunity to claim a version of a championship belt.