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Home » James Toney makes final plea to Tyson Fury

James Toney makes final plea to Tyson Fury

“This guy Fury keeps saying he can’t find a name opponent. He’s dodging me because he and his team know I will flatten him. I have been in serious training and am in tip top shape to fight Fury in his own backyard,” Toney told World Boxing News.

“I’m a bigger name to the boxing public than any of these fighters Fury has been trying to line up. What excuse is team Fury going to come up with now to avoid me?”

Toney’s agent Steve Tannenbaum weighs in: “Mick Hennessy and I can close a Toney-Fury bout in 24 hours. I will grant Mick a rematch clause in the contract and will also give him an option to promote Toney’s next bout after he defeats Fury.

“What more can we possibly offer from our side to make this fight happen? Toney is the biggest name out there for Fury other than a title fight with one of the Klitschko brothers.”