EXCLUSIVE: Susie Ramadan confirms suspicions opponent was male

Susie Ramadan Kokietgym

Susie Ramadan has told WBN that there was definitely a difference in punching power when the Australian took gender-test fighter Usanakorn Kokietgym’s WBC bantamweight belt last weekend in Victoria.

The 33-year-old, who triumphed via a unanimous decision, reacted to the news that Kokietgym recorded three times the average amount of testosterone in a pre-fight test and is now under investigation to determine the boxer’s gender.

“I had suspicions when I saw some footage and pictures of Kokietgym,” Ramadan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Although it’s not fair for me to judge people by their appearance. So I continued concentrating on my preparation and let my team take care of things.

“I never met her personally (before the fight build-up), but I did get more suspicious when I first saw her at the weigh-in, although I was too focused on my job ahead to let it affect me.

“I haven’t been hit a lot in my career. But from what I have been hit by, there was a definite difference in power.

“I have fought some tough girls, but they didn’t hit as hard as Usanakorn, and from my boxing and life experiences, I can tell the difference of male or female power.

“My team demanded she got tested (for gender) before the fight, and I was hoping the test results wouldn’t interfere with any cancelations to the battle.

“All my focus was on my job of beating Usanakorn and winning the title.

“I think the whole situation is crazy. Should this stuff be allowed?

“I understand in boxing that you will face fighters with the more advantage. But I don’t think any female fighter she has to face as he/she, or would like to meet (someone who could be a man), as it is not fair.

“I could have been seriously hurt. But I thank god I wasn’t.

“I think the matter should be dealt with swiftly. I represent women’s boxing; therefore, if I did get seriously hurt, it will not help women’s boxing reputation.

“This is a dangerous situation for any female’s health. Someone must take action.”

Kokietgym, 24, is now the subject of mass media attention, leading to officials determining the gender of the fighter a top priority.

If the Thai fighter fails to co-operate, there will surely sanctions or a suspension.

Phil Jay is the Editor of WBN.