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Roy Jones Jr. airs views on ‘smart’ Ryan Garcia, weight difference

Boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. discussed Ryan Garcia’s behavior and weight miss ahead of a massive fight with Devin Haney.

Jones, in attendance for the event at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, has been as intrigued as everyone watching the build-up unfold. Garcia’s persona has been called into question after several incidents, including several social media explosions.

Discussing what Garcia might be trying to achieve despite some claiming he’s unstable, Jones says the Golden Boy knows what he’s doing.

“Ryan Garcia is a very smart guy. Ryan knows how to play the game,” the former pound-for-pound king told Fight Hub TV. “So sometimes you have to go against things to make things happen your way.

“He’s trying to be as disruptive as he can be to try and get Devin off his game so he can win the fight. That’s quite nuts, but Devin – at the same time, is a very level-headed and calm guy. He’s not getting caught up in all that. I love that from him. He’s always a professional, and he’s [done] weight professionally.

He added: “It’s going to be a great fight because they’ve got a six-fight history as amateurs. But you know, Devin is the man right now, and I don’t see anybody beating him right now.”

On Garcia coming in three pounds over, Jones concluded: “Just because he came in overweight, does not mean he’s going to be the bigger guy going in [to the fight].

Jones knows Haney being a notorious rehydrator. “The Dream” can blow up above middleweight for his fights, leaving Garcia with zero advantage. Former WBN writer Dan Rafael confirmed that Haney won’t get restricted by another weigh-in on fight day.

“Per multiple sources involved in Haney vs Garcia, there is no Saturday weight check. This is typical when a guy misses weight so badly,” said Rafael.

The weight has become a touchy subject since an old tweet of Garcia’s reared its head as the 25-year-old boasted about not being drained.

Before Jake Paul vs Hasim Rahman Jr. collapsed, Garcia stated: “If you sign a contract to fight at a weight and then later decide you can’t be reality hit you, then that’s on you. Don’t agree to something you knew you weren’t capable of and expect everyone to oblige to your misstep.”

Rahman took pride in dredging up the comment, responding with ‘Is this you?” after Garcia hit the scales at 143.2 pounds.

ESPN’s Bernardo Osuna said on Garcia: “Missing weight is inexcusable, but there are levels to the disrespect. Missing a few ounces means he gave his all trying to cut weight. Missing by over 3 lbs is intentional. What disgusts me is seeing Ryan Garcia gloating about it like it’s a joke.

“Devin Haney is a real pro.”

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