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Home » WBC unveils Tamaulipas belt for Canelo vs Munguia on May 4

WBC unveils Tamaulipas belt for Canelo vs Munguia on May 4

The Green and Gold belt is the emblem of the World Boxing Council (WBC) and the highest recognition for those who enter the ring; However, the WBC has created a series of special and unique belts in order to reward and recognize the fights that have transcended the history of boxing, a special trophy that Mexico and boxing awards to the fighters who face each other in the two most representative dates for Mexico, May 5 (Battle of Puebla) and September 16 (Independence Day).

The WBC has worked hand in hand with several entities, highlighting their cultures through Mexican artisans who have transformed the WBC belt into true pieces of art, each one representing the best of their culture.

This time it is the turn of the “TAMAULIPAS” belt, which has been designed and made by the family workshop “Haeberli Piel Artesanía Tamaulipeca”; who in their ornamentation have been inspired by the beautiful Cuera Tamaulipeca, a typical costume that represents this beautiful state.

Made of fine suede, its leather embroidery represents the flora and vegetation of the fields of Tamaulipas. The perfect conjunction of all the elements that make it up has been achieved, having the traditional bone buttons as a representative detail; called “Tarugos”.

The work carried out required the drawing of the skin and the ornamentation; the cutting of the line by hand; and its adhesion and then sew it. The workshop needed the help of 10 artisans to make it.

The central plate, made by “Imperio de Metal”, was manufactured using a special process where different artistic processes were combined that highlight elements of Tamaulipas.

Among the elements are the greatness of this state, its 200 years of history, its typical clothing, as well as pre-Hispanic motifs. This unpublished piece forms a synergy between dualities such as life and death, defeat and victory, rebirth and decadence, as well as glory and infamy, representing a natural cycle of the human being.

About Tamaulipas

The state of Tamaulipas is located in the northwest region of Mexico, bordered to the north by Rio Grande that separates it from the United States, and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico.

The Tamaulipas culture is very diverse because it is manifested in different areas as well as in music, dance, typical clothing, gastronomy, festivities, painting, orality and crafts. Paradoxically, Tamaulipas derives from the word Huatesca Tamaholipa, which means “place where people pray a lot.”

Its characteristic music is the “huapango“ and the typical dance is the “Picota”, accompanied by its typical dance to the sound of the drum and the clarinet.

The typical costume of Tamaulipas is classified as one of the most beautiful in Mexico, the famous “Cuera” which is such a unique garment, with leather filigree and beards on the sleeves, chest and back.

On May 4, Mexicans Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Jaime Munguía will face each other at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas; and the winner will have the opportunity to take this magnificent belt home.