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Home » Overweight Ryan Garcia pays Devin Haney $1.5m, loses title shot

Overweight Ryan Garcia pays Devin Haney $1.5m, loses title shot

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Ryan Garica weighed 3.2 pounds over the contracted world super lightweight title weight, costing the Golden Boy star more than money.

Adding to the fact Garcia has to pay Haney $1.5 million after making a bet at the final press conference, Garcia can no longer win the WBC championship. If Garcia had won against Haney, the belt would have been his first as a professional. “KingRy” loses that opportunity as the teams struck a deal to keep the fight on.

Golden Boy released a statement soon after confirming that Garcia would honor a $5ook per pound wager with “The Dream.”

“Ryan has weighed in over his contractual weight. He will honor the handshake made at the final press conference yesterday. We have a fight,” read a statement from the promotional company.

Haney had broken the news of Garcia’s failure after the pre-weigh-before which the actual weigh-in occurred in a venue holding just 150 people.

“Ryan three pounds over. He honored the 500k per pound,” said the champion. Garcia added: “I feel great despite how I look.”

The drama unfolded at the final media gathering before the fight as Garcia’s mental state again came into question. Shouting at members of the crowd, cussing, and generally not being his usual self, Garcia threw away a significant amount of money, knowing he was never going to make the 140-pound limit.

Combat reporter Ariel Helwani aired his belief that Ryan’s father, Henry, tried to stop his offspring from making such bets with Haney.

“Yesterday, when Haney and Garcia were in the process of making their bet on the weight-miss stakes, Garcia’s father was trying to do everything in his power – while up on the dais next to him – to get him not to make the bet. It was very obvious. That said it all,” pointed out Helwani.

Former World Boxing News reporter Dan Rafael then revealed his increased concern over Garcia’s mindset at shaking Haney’s hand one wager when knowing he already weighed more.

“Do you still think Ryan is trolling? Please. The kid shouldn’t be fighting,” said Rafael. “He’s not mentally or physically ready, obviously. He has problems, and I feel bad for him.

“He has a good heart but is messed up and has nobody around him who gives a damn. Haney is going to hurt him.”

All this happened before the weigh-in event went live at 2 pm ET in New York. The fight goes ahead as planned.

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