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Mike Tyson to be the fall guy for YouTuber fad with horrific KO

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Mike Tyson is set to be the fall guy for the YouTuber craze that will end badly on July 20 against a fighter 31 years his junior.

The former heavyweight champion is hurtling toward Jake Paul in a Netflix event specifically designed to make waves outside of the ring rather than in it.

Tyson is approaching his sixties and has fought once [in an exhibition] during twenty years of retirement. His social media video of a growling heavyweight who looks like he could end a fight with his scowl is impressive. However, those ten-second bursts are far less exertion than getting in the ring for three minutes per round.

Tyson got knocked out by far lesser opposition in his last two professional outings. Those opponents, Danny Williams and Kevin McBride, Tyson would have obliterated in his prime. And to think he can return to where he was before that at 57 is a pipe dream.

Despite not being a very talented boxer, Paul knows how to land a solid punch. Therefore, coupling that with the fact Tyson’s punch resistance will be less than impressive is a dangerous mix.

If Paul lands flush earlier, it could be curtains for Tyson. A horrific knockout is likely to follow and cause uproar in the sport. The one thing it could do is end YouTubers in professional boxing forever.

If Tyson is okay, that could be the only good thing that comes out of the whole ordeal. Fans will be hoping that’s not the case, though, and that Tyson can win in style. That’s not the reality for anyone of that advanced age.

Evander Holyfield Vitor Belfort wins
Amanda Westcott

When Evander Holyfield returned to the ring at 58, the same age Tyson will be this summer, it proved to be the case. Holyfield was in great shape, but he wasn’t battle-tested whatsoever. It only took one punch from Vitor Belfort to start the unraveling process. Holyfield’s bid to return lasted all of 109 seconds.

In his usually annoying way, Paul is confident he can end Tyson in a similar fashion. But at 27 and with a gas tank four times the capacity of Tyson, the influencer will be far more mobile for longer during the event.

Unless Tyson can catch Paul in the first round, it could become a grueling fight for the “Baddest Man on the Planet.” His moniker will firmly be on the line when he takes that first blow, and the shockwaves begin.

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