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Deontay Wilder returns to training with huge 2024 plan

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Deontay Wilder is back in the gym working with trainer Malik Scott for what he describes as ‘an amazing 2024’ on the horizon.

Wilder has been filming a reality TV for Peacock entitled “The Traitors” recently. However, the former WBC heavyweight champion is back to business for a return to action.

A date towards the end of January is now in the works for Wilder, who discussed possible encounters with Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz Jr., and Oleksandr Usyk.

One of those three is far more likely to come to fruition than the others. Ruiz is back in the frame after undergoing surgery. Whether Mexico’s first heavyweight champion would be ready in time for early 2024 is the only question.

It could be that Wilder blows off the cobwebs with another also-ran opponent. He could then face Ruiz in the late spring or summer.

Discussing his options, Wilder began with Ruiz.

Deontay Wilder vs Andy Ruiz Jr. not lost

“That fight is not lost. These guys get on my nerves, but we’re back in talks. There was a lot of apologizing. We’ll see what happens,” Wilder told Blue Blood Sports TV.

On the current state of the 200-plus weight class, Wilder added: “When you see the heavyweight division, I kinda agree it’s in its worst moment it has ever been in history.

“I brought the excitement back to boxing. If I didn’t, why is it so dull, so dead [without me]? – We’re trying to plan something mid-to-late January. 2024 is going to be amazing for me.

“It’s just a matter of time before I will be crowned and back at the top.”

MMA run

Due to many fights falling apart, “The Bronze Bomber” is even contemplating a potential run in MMA.

“I’m thinking about doing both UFC and boxing. I’ll be a dangerous man in the UFC with four-ounce gloves,” said Wilder. “I feel like picking up a big body and slamming him, then getting on top of him and beating the s*** out of him.”

The small fact that referees will stop that from happening in around two seconds flat might eventually put Wilder off that idea.

Promoter Eddie Hearn recently warned Wilder that he doesn’t have the pins for a run in the UFC.

“I’m not being funny, but have you seen his legs? If Francis Ngannou kicked Deontay Wilder’s legs, they would literally snap in half,” he told the MMA Hour.

Wilder concluded with his thoughts on Joshua and Usyk. He stated that both showed little interest in an eventual collision.

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