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Adrian Clark launches Boxing manager training course

Fighters First CEO Adrian Clark introduces a new approach to boxing management to address the current lack of training available with his online educational course for current and aspiring boxing managers. The Boxing Manager Certificate is now available exclusively on

Clark’s course takes a significant step toward establishing basic standards and requirements in boxing management by providing his baseline educational resources.

“I know many good people trying to do their best by their fighters. But they simply lack the training needed to deliver quality representation,” said Clark. “My goal for this course is to fill a critical educational gap in boxing management.

“By providing aspiring and current managers with essential knowledge and tools, we can create a more responsible and informed community of managers who can better advocate for the well-being of professional boxers and drive positive change in the sport.”

Learning From Experience Drives Need For Formal Training

Clark’s experience as a young and inexperienced manager entering the boxing business inspired him to create this course. Recognizing the lack of educational resources and requirements for boxing managers, Clark created a course of essentials boxing managers must master to be effective.

The course is video-driven, with a quiz following each of the 15 rounds. It lasts approximately 45 minutes. This interactive format ensures students understand the content before progressing further.

Lack of Standards Hamper Boxing’s Growth

Professional boxing lacks uniform regulation, union representation, and educational minimums for its participants. Currently, each state’s department of licensing and registration issues a boxing manager’s license. The state does not require passing a test. Requirements generally include an application, a fee, and in some states a background check.

Clark brings a fresh perspective to boxing from a new generation’s view. He hopes to attract more young, dedicated individuals to the field of boxing management. Clark believes educated managers can help protect the interests of professional boxers and contribute to the sport’s growth and innovation.

In its first week, nearly two dozen people have signed up for or completed the course.

The Boxing Manager Certificate course is available for students on-demand, hosted on, making it easily accessible to individuals interested in boxing management.