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Home » Concern as Chris Eubank swaps ‘dark’ TV show for his ‘real dark’

Concern as Chris Eubank swaps ‘dark’ TV show for his ‘real dark’

Former world champion and troubled UK boxing legend Chris Eubank pulled out of a TV show after initially agreeing to live his life in the dark.

Channel 4’s “Scared Of The Dark,” fronted by actor Danny Dyer, sees celebrities facing a series of challenges through agreed blindness.

Eubank left the program after refusing to participate fully in some activities amid tough questions over his mental ability to compete on Reality TV.

Fellow contestants, including top 1990s England footballer Paul Gascoigne, sometimes got angry with Eubank. However, ‘Gazza’ proved to be a shoulder to cry on for the man known as “Simply The Best.”

Chris Eubank leaves Reality TV show

Before he told producers he was out, Eubank said it would be his “last day in this construct” and caused genuine concern by adding, “The real dark is where I’m going back to, where they need my assistance, whether they know it or not.”

He concluded: “I am an entertainer. I’m sorry, but I have other people to look after with my insight,” he said.

Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt, who appeared alongside Eubank, was disappointed to see him leave.

“I just wish he’d said goodbye. That hurt my feelings,” she stated. “I’m shocked that he didn’t see it through till the end.

“I think he would have got a lot out of it. I’m gutted. I feel like I know as much about him as I did on the outside.”

Champion boxer Nicola Adams added: “I still can’t believe he’s gone. He’s a champion. I thought he’d have the courage and strength to stick it out.”

Host Dyer said to viewers: “Dare I say it, he was sort of the fly in the ointment of the group dynamic.

“Could this be a domino effect? Could we start seeing them all fall?”

Eubank mental issues questioned

The former two-weight champion has recently suffered terrible tragedies and estrangements, leading to shock at his inclusion in a TV line-up.

Son Sebastian died suddenly in 2021 before a wedge was driven between Eubank and his other son – middleweight contender Chris Jr.

Usually, Eubank stands by his son’s side for fights. However, a loss against Liam Smith in January saw Eubank choose to have no involvement.

At the same time, I was worrying social media posts regarding sexual orientation and videos of Eubank seemingly drunk or incoherent circulated on social media.

“Am I gay? I’ve always been gay. This is proof,” said Eubank. “Cat walking for the Queen of fashion, Queen Vivian Westwood.

“I’m back. That’s what’s happening!

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. The wisdom to know the difference.”

Eubank did comment on a video posted by UK boxer Anthony Fowler. He tried to assure fans that he wasn’t mentally ill.

“Sad this video. Eubank is a legend of the game, and his mental health isn’t the best at the minute. I think he needs help, in my opinion, and not doing these shows,” said Fowler.

Eubank responded to clarify he was merely a showman.

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