Amir Khan stating Kell Brook is gay hangs dark animosity cloud over PPV

Kell Brook workout

Lawrence Lustig

Amir Khan finally faces Kell Brook this weekend in Manchester, England, after years of dogging each other in the British media.

The UK Pay Per View battle highlights the new deal between Sky Sports and BOXXER, taking a new era to even further heights.

But comments made by Amir Khan back in 2018 still resonate and hang a dark cloud over the fight, even after both have gone through face-to-face verbals.

Khan insisted four years ago that he’d heard Kell Brook was gay and had gotten stabbed in the leg due to an argument with a man over potential sexual activity.

Back in 2014, Khan was in the kitchen of an unknown individual while enjoying a night out in Tenerife. Brook was subsequently attacked and rushed to the hospital.

The Sheffield man almost died but lived to tell the tale. Stating he’s “not usually a drinker” in an interview with The Daily Mail about the incident, Brook explained: “The manager of the bar invited me to a party at her place with her partner and another guy.

‘In the bar manager’s apartment is where the guy was. That’s when I first saw him. He said, let’s go for a drink at his apartment, so I was just going with it.

“I knew I would feel rough, but I was coming back home (the next day) and going straight into training for the next fight. Blow out, as they say. I am not too used to drinking.’

“I got to his place, had a few more drinks, and got into a general chat about things. Then suddenly, the mood switched. This guy started going on about street fighting. The mood changed.

“(He was saying) a boxer can’t compete with a street fighter. I went from being comfortable to it switching without reason.

“This place, in his apartment, the kitchen and living room is close together. Everything is just a hand away from you. He was in the kitchen, and I was in the living room, without warning or caution, one swipe [of the knife].

“I just thought I needed to get out. I could see death,” he added.


Now, Khan believes the whole thing went down due to some infatuation between the pair. The Bolton man made the comments in a video recently recirculating online.

However, during the build-up, Khan is yet to repeat those claims. But whether Brook, married to Lindsey Myers, is or isn’t gay shouldn’t come into the equation.

It’s not and never should get used in a derogatory manner. But Khan wanted Brook “to admit who he really is” during the taping of a video interview.

Brook responded in later years by commenting on a leaked sex tape of Khan masturbating over his laptop that got released on the internet.

The discussion shows how much hatred exists between the pair and adds the extra needle to an already simmering atmosphere.

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