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Ryan Garcia: We can’t be perfect all the time – boxing is real life

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Super lightweight contender Ryan Garcia aired his truth on the current state of boxing ahead of his clash with Gervonta Davis.

“King Ry” aims to score the biggest win of his career on Saturday night when he faces ‘Tank” head-on in Las Vegas.

As he hurtles towards what could be the pinnacle of his career, Garica had plenty to say about the sport in 2023.

Ryan Garcia on boxing in 2023

“I feel like people have lost touch with what boxing truly is about,” said Garcia. “People used to realize that you see how a champion reacts after he gets hit.

“That’s how you determine what a champion is. People have lost touch with that. It used to be a proud moment where you showed that you could still stay focused in the fight.

“You can still get back to control it. You can still knock somebody out after you get dropped. That should have been the testimony of how much of a champion I truly am in my heart.

“But we live in a world where people expect you to be perfect. They don’t understand that this is real life. We’re really fighting here. But you respond by getting up and going and doing your thing.

“You show everybody that you’re great. You don’t let those things tear you down. And you keep moving forward. I have to show people that I’m destined for this.”

Discussing his preparations for the MGM Grand Pay-Per-View, Garcia added: “This is going to be my third fight with Joe Goossen.

“Having a guy with so much experience and understanding of the game, I love being around him. He’s a very intelligent man.

“I love being around a person you can just talk to about life in different ways and better understand life and boxing.

“It’s great to have a person like that around me.”

Davis vs Garcia

Sending a warning to Davis, Garcia concluded: “Gervonta says he’s going to take me into deep waters. Guess what? I know how to swim.

“It’s nothing special. He needs to come up with something better than that. Think a little harder.

“I hope Gervonta has been getting good sleep. If not, he’ll get some good sleep on April 22.”

Furthermore, the winner of Davis vs Garcia can look forward to being heralded among the best fighters on the planet as a Pound for Pound Top Ten operator.

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