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Jesus Ramos stops Joey Spencer, Cody Crowley in majority verdict

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In the co-main event of Benavidez vs Plant, 22-year-old rising star Jesus “Mono” Ramos (20-0, 16 KOs) delivered a dominating performance over a fellow unbeaten young contender.

He stopped Joey Spencer (16-1, 10 KOs) in the seventh-round of their super welterweight contest. The fight was officially called at 1:25 of round seven when Spencer’s corner indicated to referee Tony Weeks that they were halting the fight.

“I felt like I looked real good,” said Ramos. “I showed some angles. After the first round knockdown, I got a little carried away with my power a little bit so I took some time to start working on everything that we practiced in the gym.”

Ramos started the fight in spectacular fashion, weathering early pressure from Spencer to land a thunderous short left hook that put Spencer down in round one. Ramos’ power-punching was the key factor in the fight as he outpaced Spencer 147 to 47 in power punches.

Spencer stayed game throughout the contest, standing his ground on the inside and landing his fair share of power shots that snapped Ramos’ head back but did little to deter Ramos’ onslaught. Across the last three rounds of the fight Ramos out landed Spencer at a staggering 71-14 rate.

Jesus Ramos

“Ever since the knockdown I was looking for that punch for two or three rounds and my dad told me to box him behind the jab,” said Ramos. “I started doing that more and I started to land more shots and started to do better and follow the game plan.”

Midway through round seven, as Ramos continued to pour on an unrelenting and varied attack, Spencer’s corner, led by his father and trainer Jason Spencer, waved the towel to prompt the referee to end the fight. After the two young combatants showed respect post fight, Ramos expressed his desire to continue facing serious competition in the stacked 154-pound division.

“I want to thank Joey Spencer for the opportunity,” said Ramos. “He’s a great fighter with a lot of heart. Hopefully we get another fighter like that. It makes for an entertaining night.”

Cody Crowley

In the pay-per-view opener, unbeaten welterweight contender Cody Crowley (22-0, 9 KOs) grinded out a hard fought majority decision over Abel Ramos (27-6-2, 21 KOs) in a 12-round WBC Title Eliminator. With final scores of 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112, the difference in the fight turned out to be an 11th round knockdown for Ramos that was later overturned after a replay review by the Nevada State Athletic Commission before the 12th round.

“I knew it wasn’t a knockdown but they started counting,” said Crowley, who earned the victory on his 30th birthday Saturday night. “That’s why we have the review.”

“It was a good fight against a tough opponent, just like we expected, but I feel that I was robbed with that knockdown,” said Ramos. “The ref told us that they were going to review it, and I guess it’s a technicality, but he went down. It’s like when the rope catches you. They call that a knockdown. So why wouldn’t this be?”

Crowley, who was fighting in honor of his late father who took his own life last year and who was raising money for suicide prevention leading into the fight, followed through on his promise from the event buildup and immediately began crowding Ramos relentlessly beginning in round two. Throughout the fight the two fighters combined to throw nearly 1,000 power punches.

Cody Crowley vs Abel Ramos
Esther Lin

“He was tougher than I thought,” said Crowley. “He’s a veteran for a reason. He’s been in some exciting fights and he knows how to sit down and brace for the shots and he knows how to throw the Hail Mary’s. Hell of a fight. Hats off to Ramos. I prayed for him to have a good sleep so he could come out and have a good performance and I think he slept like a baby last night.”

Despite the pressure, Ramos continued to grind and throw counter power shots to Crowley’s body and head in hopes of breaking down his aggressive opponent. After struggling to find an effective distance for much of the fight, Ramos appeared to find that range in round 10.

Midway through round 11, Ramos connected on a counter right hand that buckled Crowley. Following up moments later, Ramos landed another powerful right hand that hurt Crowley in what was initially ruled a knockdown by referee Robert Hoyle, who thought that Crowley’s glove had hit the canvas.

“At first, I felt that he was getting tired so I wanted to try to catch him on the inside,” said Ramos. “But that’s what he wanted. He started headbutting and pushing me a lot. We got away from that but I think we did it a little bit too late. Once we made the adjustment and started moving around and using our distance, that’s when I caught him with that shot and knocked him down.”

Following the commission review between rounds, the knockdown was removed from the scorecards moments before the bell rang for round 12. After securing the victory, Crowley again offered inspirational words as he had throughout the lead up to fight night.

“For anyone who’s thinking of taking their own life and doesn’t want to be here, I’m proof that you can keep fighting and you will win,” said Crowley. “I worked my whole entire life for this opportunity. The last few years, I didn’t want to live because I couldn’t get my shot, fights been getting canceled. I’ve been training since July. I’ve been broke. I wanted to take my own life and I didn’t and my dad did. And if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here today.. Now, I’m the No. 1 mandatory for the WBC and I’ve earned my title shot. Within 12 months, I’ll be fighting for the WBC title.”