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David Benavidez, Caleb Plant discuss March 25 PPV clash

Undefeated former two-time WBC Super Middleweight Champion David “The Mexican Monster’’ Benavídez and former IBF Super Middleweight Champion Caleb Plant held separate media workouts on Tuesday to preview their high-stakes, 12-round showdown headlining live on SHOWTIME PPV on Saturday, March 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas in an event presented by Premier Boxing Champions.

Benavídez held his media workout at his gym in the Seattle area, while Plant showed off his skills in Las Vegas with just over a week until they meet in the ring on fight night.

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by TGB Promotions and Sampson Boxing, are on sale now and can be purchased through

Benavidez was joined by stablemate and lightweight contender Jose Valenzuela, who faces Chris Colbert on the pay-per-view undercard, and his father and trainer Jose Benavidez Sr at Benavidez Sports Boxing Gym in Burien, Washington. Plant’s workout also included his renowned trainer Stephen “Breadman” Edwards as they hosted media at DLX Boxing in Plant’s adopted hometown of Las Vegas.

Here is what the workout participants had to say Tuesday:


“Some people don’t understand that I’m the most accurate puncher in this weight class. I’ve had 23 knockouts in 26 fights. I’ve hurt every man I’ve been in the ring with and Caleb Plant is no different.

“You can see that every time Caleb is in the ring with a power puncher, he’s not comfortable. He beat Jose Uzcategui but he was hurt in the fight and then Canelo hurt him. Even Anthony Dirrell hit him with good shots, and he’s not a hitter like that.

“I’ve got the power and I feel like I’m faster. I just have to get my feet in the right position, because he’s going to be moving a lot. I think he has a little bit more confidence after beating Dirrell though, so we’ll see if he wants to trade with me.

“Every time I step into this gym I give my all. I’ve got a great team here with me. Everybody has done their part and made me feel comfortable. I’m just so motivated by the people who think that I can’t handle a boxer and I’m ready to prove them wrong.

“I’m a big guy and I throw punches in bunches. I’m ready to mix it up in there. Every question you all have will be answered on March 25.

“My jab is better than Caleb’s. He doesn’t really have a power jab, but I hurt people with my jab. I’ve cut eyelids open with it. I’m very comfortable in there. At the end of the day, what is he gonna do when he has to sit there and fight? I’m gonna get him on the ropes. It’s a matter of when, not if.

“Emotion, especially anger, is a great motivator to train. The people who are telling me not to be emotional, haven’t laced up the gloves before. I couldn’t be more ready. I leave all my emotions outside of the ring when it’s time to go to work.

“This is pay-per-view and we’re giving the people what they want to see. I’m ready to give the people whatever they want. This is the most confident I’ve ever been because this is the hardest I’ve ever worked. That’s why I’ve been calling for these big fights, because I’ve known since I was a little kid sparring world champions that when I’m put in an uncomfortable situation, the best comes out of me.”


“The key to this fight is just being myself. That’s what’s getting my hand raised. I’m hungry for this. This is a big moment and a moment I’ve worked a long time to reach. I’m going to make the most of it.

“I feel really good. Last camp we brought in ‘Breadman’ and we had a lot of great chemistry with the whole team. He’s easy to get along with and he just expects me to work hard. That’s right up our alley and that’s what we like to do. He brought some of that Philly grit with him and helped reiterate a lot of things that my dad [co-trainer Richie Plant] had been trying to instill in me.

“Different people handle things in different ways. I’m cool, calm and collected. I’m focused and I’ve had a great camp. We’re going into this fight 100%. I can only speak for my team, but we’re ready to handle business.

“If Benavidez wants to come forward, then he should just handle his business how he sees fit. That’s what I’m going to do on March 25. We’re going to get in there, roll the dice and see what happens.

“My power has always been there but I’ve been getting more back to my roots. ‘Breadman’ and my dad have a lot of similarities in how they want me to box and train. With some of it, I’m getting back to my old ways, but it’s combined with the new things that ‘Breadman’ is bringing to the table and teaching me.

“This is one of the biggest fights that can be made in boxing and I’m just looking forward to everyone being a part of it.

“I’d love to right a wrong and get the rematch with Canelo Alvarez, but right now I’m just focused on the fight in front of me. Nothing happens until business is handled March 25.”


“I learned from my mistakes and I’m gonna come back right. Chris Colbert is a smart fighter and I think it’s a perfect matchup for this card.

“I know what I did wrong and I accepted it. I have to keep moving forward. I’ve got a great team around me and we stayed positive.

“I wasn’t looking for an easy way out coming in off a loss. I didn’t get here the easy way, so I’m going to keep doing it the hard way.

“I’m gonna be bringing in a new set of skills. I’m ready to show the cat-like reflexes. I’ll be on my toes fighting intelligently. I’m gonna be sharp.

“I think David is going to stop Caleb around the eighth round. He’s got the skills, the heart and the determination to finish the fight.”

JOSE BENAVIDEZ SR., Benavidez’s Father and Trainer

“This training camp is very special because our whole family has been together. It’s super special and we’re super motivated. It’s a great atmosphere here.

“We’re training hard not just to win the fight, but to look spectacular and get to even bigger fights. I believe that David is gonna stop Caleb Plant in the eighth or ninth round.”


“It’s going to take a great fighter to win this fight on March 25. I believe Caleb has the potential to become a great fighter and March 25 will help determine that.

“Caleb’s ability to absorb information really translates well in the ring. Both of these guys are in their prime and there’s a lot at stake. You have to be great to win a fight like this. This fight has a little bit of Oscar De La Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad and Floyd Mayweather vs. Diego Corrales. Caleb being the Oscar and Floyd and David being the Corrales and Trinidad.

“When it comes to the relationship Caleb and I have, we didn’t have to work hard to get chemistry, it just came. I like the way he goes about things and vice versa. He was willing to listen. He’s a hard worker and very organized and has a strong support system. He does what he needs to do. I don’t have to pull teeth with him. All I have to do is coach to his strengths.”