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Piers Morgan challenges Conor Benn’s ‘proved innocence’ claims

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Journalist Piers Morgan got tough on Conor Benn over his ‘proved innocence’ claims from a World Boxing Council investigation.

Benn tested positive for the banned performance enhancing drug clomiphene twice in separate tests months apart. However, the British welterweight blames ‘incompetence’ by the testing procedure for the adverse findings.

When presenting his evidence in a 270-page dossier to the WBC, Benn was told his high consumption of eggs could have contributed to trace findings of the women’s fertility drug.

Piers Morgan questions Conor Benn’s innocence claims

During the interview, Benn was clear to Morgan that the ‘eggs defense’ was not his chosen argument for clearance of wrongdoing.

The fact the WBC couldn’t find evidence of deliberate consumption of clomiphene is the only reason Benn is being reinstated into its rankings.

Therefore, Morgan put that to Benn in the bluntest fashion possible on his Piers Uncensored show on Talk TV.

“I wouldn’t say you’ve been proven innocent,” said Morgan. “They said there was no conclusive evidence.

“It’s not absolutely unequivocal [that] you’re definitely innocent. But it’s certainly not unhelpful.”

Earlier in the conversation, Morgan also asked Benn why he didn’t make the dossier public or hand it to the British Boxing Board of Control or the UK Anti-Doping Agency, which have an ongoing investigation.

“Listen, you sound like you have a welter of information. But I cannot for the life of me understand why you wouldn’t give it to the governing body,” stated Morgan.

On the face of it, Benn is seemingly blaming a vendetta by the BBBofC, possibly down to his father, Nigel Benn, who ripped up his UK license on TV during his career.

But to the British fans, proving you are not guilty of anything regarding drugs in sports is the only way Benn would come out of this situation squeaky clean.

Therefore, his decision to drop his intentions to fight under the main governing body in his homeland is giving people ammunition to doubt the innocence he claims.

Moving forward without a British license

During the chat with Morgan, Benn reiterated that he would continue his career without the primary UK boxing safety measures.

Instead, Benn is turning to the Middle East and possibly getting licensed to fight in Saudi Arabia or Abu Dhabi.

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao is already being sounded out as the possible opponent for Benn this summer.

“I just said [to promoter Eddie Hearn] that I want the biggest fight possible. I want the hardest fight, so when I beat that person in devastating fashion, there can be no questions about my whole career. There are no questions.

“That’s what I want to do. I don’t need a warm-up. I don’t need any easy fight. I’m 26 years old. Get me the best man,” he concluded.

That ‘best man’ would be three-belt champion Errol Spence Jr. or undefeated WBO titleholder Terence Crawford.

One of the best to grace the ring, Pacquiao is long faded and two years into retirement. Not to mention he’s 44 and lost to Yordenis Ugas last time out.

It could be a case of going back to the drawing board for Conor Benn on that plan.

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