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George Foreman reveals where Mike Tyson rates on all-time list

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Former heavyweight champion George Foreman revealed where he rates Mike Tyson on the all-time list of top-division greats.

Once linked to facing Tyson during his comeback in the 1990s, Foreman says the “Baddest Man on the Planet” doesn’t make the top five.

Gracing the legend’s quintet of stars is Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, John L. Sullivan, Muhammad Ali, and Lennox Lewis.

“Marciano was a good fighter; so many became jealous be actually be a great fighter. They were sure he’d lose,” said Foreman of Rocky.

Even a sixth-place contender got named in Evander Holyfield. It’s no surprise that two of those featured are former opponents of Foreman.


But Tyson would come in somewhere between seven and ten. However, Foreman isn’t completely sure about that ranking.

“Tyson is not in my Top five world Champs. He could make my top ten,” pointed out Foreman.

Previously, Foreman spoke about a discussion with Muhammad Ali about facing Tyson when the latter was at the peak of his powers.

The oldest ever 200-pounds plus ruler corrected a news report that stated Ali didn’t want Foreman to take any fight with the New Yorker.

“Ali never told me to stay away from Tyson,” stated Foreman.

“He did say, “Tyson can punch like a Blankety Blank.” He was really impressed with Mike.

“But for me, they (heavyweights like Tyson) were real fast (small with muscles). But they were no danger to me.”

Mike Tyson heavyweight title shot

Asked if he regrets not securing a fight between the pair, Foreman said: “No, I Like Mike Tyson a lot.

“He was good in his time; I had lots of honors in Boxing. I’m just every day [man] now.

One fight Foreman would like to have witnessed is Tyson vs. Joe Frazier.

“That Joe Frazier was a fighting machine in his day. Tyson had the punch. Hard to say who’d have the upper hand,” pointed out the boxing legend.


1 Joe Louis

2 Rocky Marciano

3 John L. Sullivan

4 Muhammad Ali

5 Lennox Lewis

6 Evander Holyfield

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