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Home » James Toney threatens to smash kayfabe boxing YouTubers to pieces

James Toney threatens to smash kayfabe boxing YouTubers to pieces

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Boxing legend and former pound-for-pound star James Toney threatened to beat up YouTubers in the street for their recent endeavors.

Fans of the sport have seen a massive increase in below-par Pay Per View events recently, seeing them fork out extra cash.

This scenario is simply down to YouTubers diluting the standards of PPV. Therefore, Toney wants to smash them to pieces when he sees them.

Over the years, the Murder Master Music Show has had people from the boxing world on, most recently with one of the all-time greats, James “Lights Out” Toney.

Toney spoke on a wide variety of topics, but when asked about YouTubers in boxing. He said they were a mockery to the sport and would fight them in the street.

In another clip, he spoke about his MMA fight with Randy Couture and revealed there was supposed to be a follow-up fight but a boxing match.

James says that Randy retired before the two could get in a boxing ring and going back on his word.

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He began by blasting YouTubers.

“That’s a joke! If I could, I would knock them out in the street. They are making boxing a mockery, man! They call out everybody but me,” Toney told Murder Master Music Show.

“Everybody that wants to be somebody calls out everybody. But James Toney because they know if you say my name three times I’m like Candyman, I will get you.”


On Randy Couture backing out of the boxing match, Toney states they agreed; he added: “I knew he was scared when they made the fight.

“Randy is a great fighter in MMA. We had made a deal that we do one fight MMA and one fight boxing,” Toney said in the clip.

“But of course, after he beat me, he retires. What is that? That’s a cowardly move, and I lost a lot of respect for him. A week later, he retired.

“The bad thing about it is I made more money than he did. I offered to pay him more money for the boxing than he made with my fight.”

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