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Home » Mick Conlan eyes Leigh Wood rematch but is career return a certainty?

Mick Conlan eyes Leigh Wood rematch but is career return a certainty?

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Irish warrior Mick Conlan wants a rematch with Leigh Wood following their excruciating battle in Nottingham on Saturday night.

That’s despite the former Olympian getting laid out. Not only that but falling out of the ring horrifically.

Initially, it looked as though Conlan was seriously hurt. That was my initial reaction, having witnessed many nasty knockouts from ringside.

Wood’s lightning-fast blow was sickening, and I feared for the worst when watching Conlan slump to the floor like a ragdoll.

Praise has to go to Frank Smith of Matchroom Boxing, who updated everyone quickly as broadcasters and pundits didn’t seem to recognize the severity of the situation, in my opinion.


But that’s neither here nor there when it comes to Conlan’s health. The pair waged war with each other for entertainment purposes, putting their lives on the line in a Fight and Knockout of the Year contender.

Whatever they got paid for that night, it wasn’t nearly enough.

Conlan got rushed to the hospital amidst fears for his life. However, after tests, he was given the all-clear to return home. Nothing got addressed regarding any threat to his boxing career.

The man himself wants to dance with Wood again as soon as possible.

“Watched the fight. I definitely need to run it back! [I was] up on the cards, and the 11th was a slip. Fatigue was kicking in, and I was caught on the temple with a good shot I didn’t see. Respect Leigh Wood and congrats again. You’re tough but let’s run it back,” said Conlan.

Trainer Adam Booth added: “It’s difficult to express just how proud I am of this man!

“Mick Conlan’s strength of will and spirit is simply inspirational. It’s only a matter of time now [until he becomes a world champion].

“Sincere congratulations to Leigh Wood for showing the heart of a Champion.”


At present, there’s no doubting where Conlan and Booth stand on a return to the ring.

But Top Rank’s Bruce Trampler seemed a little more realistic in his reaction. He urged caution on Conlan trading blows again.

“So proud of Mick Conlan. Whether he boxes on or not, he fought the best fight of his career against a very tough Leigh Wood.

“How ironic that his best ended in a loss in the record book. Great effort and high praise to his family and team,” he added.

That view came before Conlan got the green light from doctors. However, there could be more tests needed in the future to make the decision entirely.

For now, Conlan’ has his card marked by officials worldwide. If he gets into the slightest bit of trouble, any referee might move far quicker to save him from further punishment.

Another tough fight in the same ilk would almost certainly lead to calls for Mick Conlan to walk away for good. That’s if he does fight again.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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