Gutted Jack Catterall says ‘dreams were stolen’ by shocking scorecards

Jack Catterall beats Josh Taylor Pound for Pound

Lawrence Lustig

Jack Catterall should be celebrating being the undisputed super-lightweight champion of the world today. But because of the shambolic nature of boxing, he’s not.

The Chorley man put his heart and soul into a victory over Josh Taylor, out-classing and dropping the Scot to seal a famous win.

Sadly, three judges at ringside seemingly had a problem with their vision and didn’t see it that way.

In the aftermath, Catterall revealed his devastation.

“You know what hurts the most? It wasn’t for me. I did all of this for my family, my team, my town, and my country,” said the 28-year-old who should be undisputed champion.

“My baby girl and misses, our future. Today I should have been waking up with all of the belts.

“Fifteen months out the ring, they all wrote me off. For over two years, F’d me in every way possible, finally got the fight.

“Sacrificed everything to fight one of the top P4P ranked fighters and gave him a lesson. For what. Boxing shame on you. Judges, dreams stolen.”

Promoter Lou DiBella, an advocate for fair judging and always ready to call out awful decisions didn’t fail to respond as usual.

“That was an abomination. How f’ing awful,” pointed out the Hall of Famer, “even in boxing.

“Gutted for Jack, who had the night of his career. Feel sick. I can’t watch the news.

“Can’t see what’s going on in our world. Can’t even get lost in boxing for a few hours.”

Heavyweight title challenger Dillian Whyte even broke his silence from being mute over the Tyson Fury fight to air his views.

‘Disgusting,” said the interim WBC ruler.

One man who had no fear of stating his minority opinion was Ring Magazine Editor Dougie Fischer, who got criticized on social media for his polarizing view.


Josh Taylor got away with a close one today. You can call it a hometown decision.

“I know a lot of fans and boxing insiders had thought he lost by a wide margin. But I saw a close fight 6-5-1 in rounds (with knockdowns and poor point deductions).

“Ugly fight, but congrats to both men.”

Needless to say that Fischer spent the next portion of his day explaining why to disgruntled fans.

Jack Catterall won the fight. Anyone could see that, and it wasn’t a tough fight to score by any stretch.

Opinions are like…and all that.

The views expressed in this article are opinions of Phil Jay.

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